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Red Beard
Fancy Pants
Territory War
Runescape - helps in quests

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Hive hero - Protect your hive from enemy bees! Aloud in school
Heli Attack 3 - New - Shoot down the helicopters! Aloud in school
[[super101:N-way of the ninja|]] N-way of the ninja-best!- use your ninja skills to overcome obstacles.
[[super101:metal arm|]] Metal Arm - new - A super awesome robot fight!
A.L.I.A.S - Get through loads of enemies in this action packed aventure game.
AstroBlaster - Destroy waves of enemy starships. Aloud in school
4x4 rally - Race your trucks through tough courses. Aloud in school.
Heli Force - Shoot down enemy crafts with your advance helicopter. Aloud in school.
Zelda - A big adventure game in a huge world with enemies and evil to fight off with your sword.
Zombie Hunt - Kill all the Zombies in this arcade style gun game. Aloud in school
Starball - Break all the blocks and don't let the ball fall. Aloud in school
War on Iraq - Kill all the terrist! Aloud in school.
Who wants to be a millionaire?
Air Hockey - Win the air hockey tounament! Aloud in school.
Pendakar -new- Escape from the jungle using your kung fu skills to kill enemies.
Deal or no deal - The game show game, one question though... Deal or no Deal!?
Dragon Fist 2 - new - a chinese kung fu game that is fun.
Motorama - Create your own course and ride it.
Bloody Rage - new - Make your own character and fight with tons of combos and moves to out skill your opponent. Aloud in school.
Rage 2 - game of the week - new - Unleash your rage and destroy as many people as possible.
Stick Arena - New - Awesome fighting stick game, really addicting. This is a demo version click here to play the full version of stick arena
One soilder- new - cool -Your one stranded soilder out to kill a whole army.
Monkey Kickoff - cool and quick - new - See how far monkey can kick the coconut.
Ice Slide - See how far your character can slide after you shoot him off a slingshot.
Snow Fight - Freeze the enemies with snowballs. - new - fun
Asteroid Field - new - Shoot all the asteroids. Aloud in school.
Alpine skiing - new - Get down the mountain range safely.
Bike mania - new - Get your bike through the obstacles.
Bow man- Shoot the targets and enemies with your bow.
Hangman - Pretty much hangman only your roasting a hamster.
Dune ATV - new - Travel the dangerous dunes on your ATV.
Flash Halo - Capture the flag computer version of Halo
Shadow Factory - Get through a old nuclear plant in a super monster truck before it explodes. Aloud in school.
Fight Fight 2 - new - Awesome fighting game with good graphics.
Alias 3 - This is a war action game, this game is 2 thumbs up.
Basketball Rally - Practice some basketball shots. Aloud in school
TUSFG-new-The ultimate stick fighting game.
Pacman -new- Good old Pacman just like you know it.
Super Fight- new - Awesome 1-2 player fighting game!
Space invaders - Shoot down all the enemy fighters.
Chopper- new - awesome - Shoot down the enemy planes.
Canyon Glider - new - See how far you can glide
Thing Thing arena 2 - Awesome survival shooting game.
Sonic Advance - A really fun sonic the hedgehog game.
Road Rampage- drive away from the cops without crashing
X-bound -new- Hit the ball before it goes down the drain.
Shotgun defense - defend yourself in this awesome gun game.
3D frogger -new- make it through the obstacles before you get splatted.
Stick man sam 3 - new - fun - shoot your way through evil and obstacles.
Mario Bros. - New - Fun old classic mario game!
Kitten Cannon - See how far you can shoot the kitty - new - bloody
Table Hockey - new - Good game if your in a rush.
On the run - escape the cops in this high-speed car game.
Monster Truck Test - new - great game - Test your monster truck of big ramps.
Base Jumping - new - Jump from base safely in this fun little game.
Diamond chaser - new - Fly a starship and laser down all the rocks.
Sonic the Hedgehog - A classic sonic game.
Bmx tricks - Do as much tricks you can with your bmx bike.
Samerai Jack - Code of the Samerai
Alias 2 - Same graphics as 3, only different levels.
Hostile Skies - new - good game - fly your aircraft and shoot down enemies.
Snowboard xtreme - Guide your border through the correct gates.
Rage - Use your rage to kill people.
Bush shoot-out - Bush on the loose!
Moto X race - fun racing game.
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! - A fun quick game.
Curveball - new and fun, This game is like 3d ping pong
Black Knight - new - Clubber your way through people to pay oded debt.
Super Soldier - Battle your way with tanks and guns with a super soldier.
Moto X - Awesome game, Do tricks of high jumps
Blasterball - New - break all the bricks with out letting the ball fall.
Gravity Ball - new - destroy all the bricks
Worm - New, This is like 3d snake
Battle Pong 2 - new, new and improved battle pong
Koopa Adventure - New
Boxhead More rooms Adrenaline Challenge Beat max dirt bike? Heres a new challenge for you.
Gladiator Castle wars - Upgrade your weapons and armor and fight off enemies in this awesome rpg.
3 foot ninja 2
Miniclip game room and Crazy Monkey Games
Ping Pong
Snow Line - help santa diliver his presents.
Battle Pong - Get the ball in the goal
Snake Advanced - Upgraded snake.
Monkey Lander - Get all the bananas and land safely.
Thing Thing 3 - Get through loads of enemies in this awesome shooting game.
Call of Duty - Take out enemy troops.